Saturday, January 17, 2009

left4dead ...a zombie i hath become...

I knew i would like this game...

I have been playing this for the last 3 nights in a row, shortly after the holidays where I received it as a gift.

Tense, engaging, cooperative!! no more running around aimlessly by yourself as others do the same, on a so-called 'team' [here's looking at you battlefield/counterstrike loners], just try this game on 'Expert' difficulty, and you will know what it means to be a real team-member.

-Friendly fire hurts! [Dammit Bill, watch...your...FIRE!"]
-Selflessness is rewarded! [mobias protected XZomBieSlay3r's back!]
Hunt or be hunted... Stand still too long, or straggle behind for even a moment, and you will hear the groaning gargle of an elite zombie, hiding just behind that tree over there...just waiting for you to turn your back to pounce in a shriek and flurry of violent Zombie slashing.

The core of this games addictiveness is in its simplicity, forcing you to react in your most primal survivalism instincts. There is no inventory management, you have pistol, main gun of your choice, either pipe-bomb or Molotov cocktail, and your trusty melee attack to keep swarms of rushing zombies at bay. That is it. Get from A to B, and try to keep your buddy alive while doing it, or it will be a lot harder, and a lot lonelier too!

Within 5 minutes of beginning a campaign, your reflexes begin to sharpen, your every sense on hyper-alert. The sound of a bird flying from a nearby tree causes your aiming reticle to jump, your keyboard hand begins to tremble. The change in music ques the approaching 'Tank' zombie, or witch in hiding, and your fight-or-flight instincts begin to kick in. Indeed, the longer you play this game, the less food you eat, the less sleep you get, and the more Zombie-like you will become in the daylight hours- mark my words, and be warned!

Check out the trailer here: then buy asap.

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Skron said...

Left 4 Dead was on my Christmas Wishlist. But nobody got me the game. So I'm just going to wait until they drop its price.

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