Monday, July 28, 2008

my dream car: 2010 Camaro Z28

I used to work at a call center for GM, and the first time I saw this vehical was on a brochure that was laying about our work are. It was lemon yellow, with black stripes, much like the one in the Transformers movie [awesome] and I instantly jumped for joy. I have always loved camaros, but i have a love/hate relationship with the motives, design decisions etc. with most american products. Therefore, my current vehicle is my baby, a 98' Honda Prelude that will be a very, very difficult thing indeed to let go of. It has been a perfect car.

I did have a 92' Camaro RS, it was Teal and had the ground effects, and was my first 'nice/modern' car...basically my second car ever. It took all the punishment that a 19 year old could muster during his first tour of duty during the long hot summers of California. It just kept running. Which helped my opinion of GM cars. But only certain cars. There are many that are CRAP.

Back then, I ALMOST put my small money on the newer, sleeker 1997 model, the 4th generation style..but when i went to look at them, they were so plastic-y, and the reviews were not favorable as a precision driving machine. More like "Go fast..straight." I also didn't like the look of the [chrysler rip-off] lights, which made it look like a summer touring sedan for rich white lady's on their way to golfing. So I made a unscheduled stop at the Honda Dealer, the best move i could have made. I'll save that story for another time, for this little blurb, i want to save for the next serious contender for my pocket-book. If i can't afford a BMW in 3 years, then this may be a few dollars less, but just as cool...ladies and gentlenerds....without further delay, the production model-straight from GM's website.

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