Thursday, June 12, 2008

I once was a ... SPORE!

This has to be the game i am anticipating most this year. It brings fond memories of when the original Black and White pc game came out, i wanted to build a computer with enough power to run all the beautiful 3-d graphics and make it run as silky smooth as possible. The most facinating aspect of course,for me, in both games, is the artificial intelligence encoded into the creatures. To see emergent behavior in a computer program that not only surprises the gamers, but the people whom designed it in the first place, is something worth note in the multimedia industry.

I love open-ended, sandbox-style games that give me the tools to be able to create and change whatever my imagination holds. The best games are the ones sophisticated enough to allow you to do this, with an interface making it simple to play with, but ingenius enough to still surprise you at the same time. I think we have a winner here folks.

i can't wait.

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