Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OIL/Gas prices drop a few Pennies!

Now those Exxon suits can take out the ol' Lamborgini this weekend!!

Yep, as the ever popular question to 'when will the cost of Gas ever shrink' maintains regular public discussion, or heated complaint as it were- the Feds finally decide to 'act' on behalf of the people to question the major Oil manufacturers. What's the catch you say? Why the sudden compassion after years of unjustified increasing costs? "Too good to be true" you say?

Well of course you are right. The only thing that seems to hurt the government more than not making a profit, is making even less of a profit by the unwanted backfire of slowing the economy due to lack of people...well, driving. That's right folks-high gas prices = no drive to Old Navy to buy silk boxers or fuzzy sweaters = a mild economic recession.
The following are two articles that show the cause/effect.

Link to Oregon Live article

then read:

Link to CNN article

Coincidence? So the response to Fed Heat on their profiteering amounts to ...a couple pennies per Gallon!

YEAH! don't worry ma' - i won't spend it all in one place!

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